12 cm Vault Anchor Mat

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Product Overview

Two-piece formfitted system fits over the vault base providing a 4' x 8' spotting surface.

  • Securely adheres with hook and loop fasteners to avoid slipping away from the base
  • Constructed with a high density foam and compliant vinyl
  • Back of the mat has a 4" (10cm) flap with loop fasteners that can attach additional landing mats, anchoring the mats to the vault table

Item Numbers

  • 416-292 - 20cm Vault Anchor Mat - wt. 46 lbs. (21kg) Call for Price
  • 416-549 - 20cm Vault Anchor Mat (larger center hole for easier adjustment) - wt. 46 lbs. (21kg) Call for Price
  • 416-547 - 12cm Vault Anchor Mat - wt. 31 lbs. (14kg)