Still Rings

  • Chalk Cleaner Chalk Cleaner

    Chalk Cleaner

    Product Overview UNITED ATHLETIC INTERNATIONAL’S Chalk Cleaner Spray makes it easy to remove chalk from gym mats, vault tables, and balance beams. General Use Directions: Easy as 1, 2, 3.... 1: Shake product 2: Fill sprayer with recommended amount...

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  • Ring/Rope Hoist

    Ring/Rope Hoist

    Product Overview The Ring/Rope Hoist conveniently stores rings when they aren’t in use. Description Wooden wall bracket attaches quickly to any wall Weighted top end of rope brings rings down when needed Rope has snap on the top end, allowing...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Chalk Holder EVO-ELITE™ Chalk Holder

    EVO-ELITE™ Chalk Holder

    Product Overview A unique, black and white, polyethylene chalk holder that stands 32″ tall. Custom colors with logo available upon request! Product Description Chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene top and a black polyethylene bottom Stands...

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  • Step-In Chalk Holder Step-In Chalk Holder

    Step-In Chalk Holder

    Product Overview A round, polyethylene, container that is designed to be placed on the floor for easy access to apply chalk. Description Step-in chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene Place on floor for easy access 24’’ (61cm) in diameter x...

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  • Round Parallette Bars

    Round Parallette Bars

    Description Made of solid maple and bar is covered in a protective laminate coating Bar is 12” in length (30cm) Overall dimensions of 13 ½” long x 4 ½” tall x 8” wide (34 x 11 x 20cm) Item Numbers 405-220:  Round Parallette Bars — Pair

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  • Alpha Rocker

    Alpha Rocker

    Description Great tool for training handstand skills and strength that transfer not only to Rings but also Parallel Bars, and Beam Rocking motion helps focus on stabilizer muscles Portable and easy to move Item Numbers 407-048:  Alpha Rocker

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  • Ring Trainer


    Ring Trainer

    Description Easy Set up with Adjustable belts (based off size) The Ring Trainer eliminates about 50% of your body weight to allow you to train multiple skills and work on that proper technique for each one. Great tool for improving your upper body...

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  • EVO®-Elite Ring Tower EVO®-Elite Ring Tower


    EVO®-Elite Ring Tower

    Product Overview The EVO®-Elite Rings have a 40% lighter frame that allows for an easy set-up, yet provides the solid performance athletes need. Description Reflex spring-loaded swivel assembly helps reduce the impact on the gymnasts shoulders and...

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