• Chalk Cleaner Chalk Cleaner

    Chalk Cleaner

    Product Overview UNITED ATHLETIC INTERNATIONAL’S Chalk Cleaner Spray makes it easy to remove chalk from gym mats, vault tables, and balance beams. General Use Directions: Easy as 1, 2, 3.... 1: Shake product 2: Fill sprayer with recommended amount...

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  • Twisting Belt


    Twisting Belt

    Product Description Rotating rings are cast of high tensile strength aircraft aluminum alloy Lined with soft padding for comfort Item Numbers 407-037:  Small Padded Twisting Belt - to 25" 407-020:  Medium Padded Twisting Belt - 25" to...

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  • E-Lock


    Product Description E-Lock gives a stronger hold to the upright Re-designed Spinlock with coned designed and "O" ring lock, reduces any movement during use Item Numbers 407-755:  E-Lock

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  • Ring/Rope Hoist

    Ring/Rope Hoist

    Product Overview The Ring/Rope Hoist conveniently stores rings when they aren’t in use. Description Wooden wall bracket attaches quickly to any wall Weighted top end of rope brings rings down when needed Rope has snap on the top end, allowing...

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  • Clamps Clamps



    Product Overview A variety of clamps available to fit your needs! Description Available in a variety of styles Built for: I-Beam Clamp, Wood Clamp, Pipe Clamp, or Concrete Clamp Contact UAI for special size clamps Item Numbers I-Beam...

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  • TAC/10 Towel TAC/10 Towel

    TAC/10 Towel

    Product Description Grip enhancer for use with TAC/10 products Towel provides a slight tackiness, which further prevents slipping due to moisture No build-up on hands-unlike chalk Not manufactured by AAI Item Numbers 407-571:   TAC/10...

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  • TAC/10 Surface Cleaner TAC/10 Surface Cleaner

    TAC/10 Surface Cleaner

    Product Description Safe and effective for use in cleaning TAC/10 surfaces Soy-based product developed for people with certain allergies and chemical sensitivities Can be used as directed in closed environments without compromising air quality ...

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  • Style E Floor Anchor


    Style E Floor Anchor

    Description Installed in floating wood floors resting on sleepers or metal clip fasteners Features removable cap Includes anchoring cement Measure distance from top of floor to concrete to determine model Item Numbers 422-123:   Style...

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