• Tumbling Belts


    Tumbling Belts

    Product Overview A non-twisting spotting device used in teaching skills in gymnastics, trampoline, diving, tumbling, freestyle skiing and skateboarding. Description Two styles – one-piece padded and two-piece adjustable padded Color coded for easy...

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  • Overhead Suspension Overhead Suspension

    Overhead Suspension

    Product Overview Overhead suspension provides permanent ceiling-suspension over an apparatus for use in spotting training skills. Description Unit comes complete with two 5” (13cm) pulleys, ropes and a 407-064 Adjustable Padded Tumbling Belt ...

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  • Elite™ Cheer Stand Elite™ Cheer Stand

    Elite™ Cheer Stand

    Product Overview This lightweight & portable device will help you practice at home or take it to the gym to continue working your skills. Balance can make or break the best cheerleader and the Elite™ Cheer Stand will build you up not break you down...

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  • Landing Mat


    Landing Mat

    Description Landing mat is 7’ wide x 18” tall and comes in lengths of 14’, 16’ & 18’ Custom sizes available Colored top provides greater visibility upon landings Item Numbers 416-430:   Landing Mat - 7’ x 14’ x 18” (2m x 4.3m x 46cm)...

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  • Filler Block Filler Block

    Filler Block

    Product Overview Provides cushion and protection if an athlete overshoots while training new skills. Description Safety strap connects the trampoline frame, filler block & landing mat to eliminate separation Provides cushion & protection if an...

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  • Training Bar Training Bar

    Training Bar

    Product Overview Great way to engage the athlete’s core and arm strength. Can be attached at any location of the ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline simply by loosening the clamping knobs and moving to desired position. Description The Training Bar is user...

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  • ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline


    ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline

    Product Overview The ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline is a training tool designed to improve strength and flexibility, aiding in the development of basic and advanced tumbling progressions. Description 13” (33cm) wide pads are made of dense foam 1 1/2”...

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  • Spotting Block Spotting Block


    Spotting Block

    Product Overview The spotting block is an important training accessory for any program. Description High density foam filler, with a top and bottom layers of firm polyethylene foam for added support for the instructor Firm inner core for added...

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