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  • Chinning Bar


    Chinning Bar

    Description 436-140 Adjustable Chinning Bar has 7 height adjustments in 4’’ (10cm) increments Frame made of durable 1 ½’’ (4cm) square, 12 gauge tubing Metallic blue finish 32’’ (81cm) wide Attachment hardware provided Item Numbers 436-140:  ...

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  • Floor Training Rail Floor Training Rail


    Floor Training Rail

    Product Overview Durable fiberglass training bars are great for strength training, station work during bar work-outs, teaching handstands and transitions. Description 1 1/2″ diameter rail is made of solid maple and is covered in a protective laminate...

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  • Round Parallette Bars

    Round Parallette Bars

    Description Made of solid maple and bar is covered in a protective laminate coating Bar is 12” in length (30cm) Overall dimensions of 13 ½” long x 4 ½” tall x 8” wide (34 x 11 x 20cm) Item Numbers 405-220:  Round Parallette Bars — Pair

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  • Alpha Rocker

    Alpha Rocker

    Description Great tool for training handstand skills and strength that transfer not only to Rings but also Parallel Bars, and Beam Rocking motion helps focus on stabilizer muscles Portable and easy to move Item Numbers 407-048:  Alpha Rocker

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  • Ring Trainer


    Ring Trainer

    Description Easy Set up with Adjustable belts (based off size) The Ring Trainer eliminates about 50% of your body weight to allow you to train multiple skills and work on that proper technique for each one. Great tool for improving your upper body...

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  • Junior Balance Beams Junior Balance Beams


    Junior Balance Beams

    Product Overview These Balance Beams are a great training product for beginning gymnasts. Wood core construction Working surface has ¼’’ (.6cm) padding, with competition suede-like cover Top of beam is 5 ½’’ (14cm)...

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  • Foam Balance Beam Foam Balance Beam


    Foam Balance Beam

    Product Overview This beginner beam provides great grip for learning early fundamentals. 406-250 TAC/10 cover provides excellent grip and durability while cleaning easily 406-222 durable suede cover provides authentic balance beam feel 4’’...

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  • Preschool Training Bar

    Preschool Training Bar

    Product Overview This training bar has greater stability than our previous model at a more economical price. Bar is made of 1” (25mm) OD steel tubing welded directly to the pistons for added stability Combo spin/snap lock allows for easy...

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  • Junior Spring Board

    Junior Spring Board

    Product Overview Junior Spring Board has three springs to provide the vaulting action. Board is constructed of ½” 8-ply cross-grain maple and poplar plywood and padded with ¼” polyethylene foam with a carpeted surface Three...

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