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  • Chalk Cleaner Chalk Cleaner

    Chalk Cleaner

    Product Overview UNITED ATHLETIC INTERNATIONAL’S Chalk Cleaner Spray makes it easy to remove chalk from gym mats, vault tables, and balance beams. General Use Directions: Easy as 1, 2, 3.... 1: Shake product 2: Fill sprayer with recommended amount...

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  • TAC/10 Towel TAC/10 Towel

    TAC/10 Towel

    Product Description Grip enhancer for use with TAC/10 products Towel provides a slight tackiness, which further prevents slipping due to moisture No build-up on hands-unlike chalk Not manufactured by AAI Item Numbers 407-571:   TAC/10...

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  • Equipment Transporters

    Equipment Transporters

    Product Overview Adjustable transporters are designed to work with AAI apparatus, including Uneven Bars, Balance Beams, Pommel Horse, Vault Tables and Parallel Bars. Description Each transporter is constructed of steel frame work, two 360 degree...

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  • Climbing Ropes


    Climbing Ropes

    Product Overview AAI offers three styles of climbing ropes for a variety of uses, including strength training and physical education. Description Constructed of top quality 1 ½’’ (4cm) diameter manila rope Standard lengths of 24’ (7.3m) Custom...

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  • Step-In Chalk Holder Step-In Chalk Holder

    Step-In Chalk Holder

    Product Overview A round, polyethylene, container that is designed to be placed on the floor for easy access to apply chalk. Description Step-in chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene Place on floor for easy access 24’’ (61cm) in diameter x...

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  • Chinning Bar


    Chinning Bar

    Description 436-140 Adjustable Chinning Bar has 7 height adjustments in 4’’ (10cm) increments Frame made of durable 1 ½’’ (4cm) square, 12 gauge tubing Metallic blue finish 32’’ (81cm) wide Attachment hardware provided Item Numbers 436-140:  ...

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  • High Chalk Holder High Chalk Holder

    High Chalk Holder

    Product Overview A chalk stand that has a sturdy, tripod base, and stands 32″ tall. Works great to apply chalk to hands in a mess-free way. Product Description Chalk bowl made of rugged white polyethylene Sturdy tripod base Stands 32’’...

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  • Quick Release Conversion Kit Quick Release Conversion Kit


    Quick Release Conversion Kit

    Product Overview Includes one pair of collars and locking quick release pins to fit AAI® Single Bar Trainers Pins fit SBT models 407-450, 407-625 and 407-639 Item Numbers 407-360 - Quick Release Conversion Kit - wt. 9 lbs...

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  • Assist Step Assist Step


    Assist Step

    Product Overview Adjustable mechanism that can be placed at various heights on the inside/outside of the bar, designed for AAI UTB, High Bar & Premier SBT. Designed for use on any AAI Uneven Bars or Horizontal Bars Built-in spring secures the step on...

    MSRP: $170.00
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  • Magnesium Carbonate Gymnastics Chalk


    Magnesium Carbonate Gymnastics Chalk

    Product Overview Magnesium carbonate gym chalk that is designed to be used for gymnastics, weight training, and more! Product Description 2 ounce block Magnesium carbonate gym chalk Available in a case or individual box Item Numbers 405-550:...

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