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Uneven Bars

  • Assist Step Assist Step


    Assist Step

    Product Overview Adjustable mechanism that can be placed at various heights on the inside/outside of the bar, designed for AAI UTB, High Bar & Premier SBT. Designed for use on any AAI Uneven Bars or Horizontal Bars Built-in spring secures the step on...

    MSRP: $170.00
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  • Chalk Cleaner Chalk Cleaner

    Chalk Cleaner

    Product Overview UNITED ATHLETIC INTERNATIONAL’S Chalk Cleaner Spray makes it easy to remove chalk from gym mats, vault tables, and balance beams. General Use Directions: Easy as 1, 2, 3.... 1: Shake product 2: Fill sprayer with recommended amount...

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  • Constant Tension Bars (CTB)

    Constant Tension Bars (CTB)

    Product Overview The Constant Tension Bars (CTB) are designed to use for training as well as making it possible to keep tension while making width adjustments. Meets all FIG and NCAA® specifications Footprint is reduced to only 12' x 7' (3.7m x...

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  • Deluxe Cable Tightener


    Deluxe Cable Tightener

    Product Overview Our Deluxe Cable Tightener helps to ensure the Uneven Bars are secure, and is compatible with all AAI Uneven Bars. Product Description Pulleys are on 6” (15cm) centers Deluxe Cable Tightener - Each Deluxe Cable Tightener -...

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  • ELITE™ Uneven Bars


    ELITE™ Uneven Bars

    Product Overview Made with highly engineered materials to ensure longevity and withstand many years of competition and training. FIG Approved Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications AAI features unique rod ends which allow for...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars


    EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars

    Product Overview Continually Evolving with the Athlete: Evo-Elite Product Description For taller athletes, the NEW high bar piston will reach an additional 10cm in height Swiveling tie-downs are easy to install and designed to transfer any loads...

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  • Floor Training Rail Floor Training Rail


    Floor Training Rail

    Product Overview Durable fiberglass training bars are great for strength training, station work during bar work-outs, teaching handstands and transitions. Description 1 1/2″ diameter rail is made of solid maple and is covered in a protective laminate...

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  • Handstand Trainer

    Handstand Trainer

    Product Description The Handstand Trainer comes complete with 4 Cords, 1 Poster, 1 Pad & the Handstand Trainer Video. Having a good handstand position is a prerequisite for doing ANY advanced gymnastics skills—regardless of event. Regular use...

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