• EVO Silver™ Spring Board EVO Silver™ Spring Board

    EVO Silver™ Spring Board

    Product Overview  Predictable and consistent rebound action giving maximum return of energy input. EVO-Boards use the next evolution in leaf springs to remain consistent and last longer. Similar construction as Stratum® Vault Board Softer and less...

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  • Stratum® Tumbling Strip Stratum® Tumbling Strip

    Stratum® Tumbling Strip

    Product Description Work on your tumbling pass with this spring paneled tumbling strip. Tumbling surface is 4′ x 6′ panels with 41 springs attached Side border pieces are 8′ long x 2′ wide and slopes to 2″ above the floor End borders are 6′ long x 3′...

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  • Stratum® Secure Connect Deck Stratum® Secure Connect Deck


    Stratum® Secure Connect Deck

    Product Overview The Stratum® Secure Connect is ideal for high-level competition and training. Its fiberglass composite material gives the gymnasts a very proactive, stable and uniform performance surface. Each 4’ x 8’ (122 x 244cm)...

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  • PowerTrac Trac Bar

    PowerTrac Trac Bar

    Easily clamp the innovative training rail anywhere on the PowerTrac for training most any bar skill. Great for teaching hollow tap handstands for giants, blind changes, pirouettes, and even Tkatchevs. Two coaches can move the rail on, off, or somewhere...

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  • PowerTrac PowerTrac


    the most valuable training tool in the gym! Athletes can learn perfect technique on skills in a fraction of the normal training time. Multiple repetitions of tumbling and gymnastics skills are easy on the body. Train multiple forward and backward...

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  • Booster Board

    Booster Board

    Product Overview Unites the functionality of a classical springboard with the dynamics, ease, and jumping fun-factor of a trampoline Suited for recreational, amateur and school sports, artistic gymnastics, indoor Parkour and Freerunning Extremely easy...

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  • EVO Vault Board EVO Vault Board


    EVO Vault Board

    Product Overview Evo-Boards have a larger sweet spot allowing for variations in entry position. These progressive boards are color coded to help determine which board your athlete will need. Softer and less jarring feel allowing for more repetition...

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  • Stratum Vault Board

    Stratum Vault Board

    Product Overview This premium popular vault board provides dynamic results. FIG Approved Meets USAG, NCAA®, NFHS and AAU competition specifications Number of springs can be adjusted to meet the needs of the gymnast's weight and ability Black oxide...

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  • Premier Vault Trampoline Premier Vault Trampoline

    Premier Vault Trampoline

    Product Overview The Premier Vault Trampoline has the same profile as AAI® Vaulting Boards and is used for levels 1-4, P.R.E.P. optional athletes and team gymnastics to learn and work on vaulting exercises. Vault trampolines give the gymnasts a...

    MSRP: $1,235.00
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