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  • Ring/Rope Hoist

    Ring/Rope Hoist

    Product Overview The Ring/Rope Hoist conveniently stores rings when they aren’t in use. Description Wooden wall bracket attaches quickly to any wall Weighted top end of rope brings rings down when needed Rope has snap on the top end, allowing...

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  • Clamps Clamps



    Product Overview A variety of clamps available to fit your needs! Description Available in a variety of styles Built for: I-Beam Clamp, Wood Clamp, Pipe Clamp, or Concrete Clamp Contact UAI for special size clamps Item Numbers I-Beam...

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  • TAC/10 Towel TAC/10 Towel

    TAC/10 Towel

    Product Description Grip enhancer for use with TAC/10 products Towel provides a slight tackiness, which further prevents slipping due to moisture No build-up on hands-unlike chalk Not manufactured by AAI Item Numbers 407-571:   TAC/10...

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  • Apparatus Tie-Down Set

    Apparatus Tie-Down Set

    Product Overview Used on either the ELITE™ or CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars to help safely secure the apparatus to the floor. Description The Apparatus Tie-Down Set is constructed of 2-1/2’’ wide x 1/4’’ thick (6.3 x .6cm) hot rolled flat steel, bent to the...

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  • Quick Release Conversion Kit Quick Release Conversion Kit


    Quick Release Conversion Kit

    Product Overview Includes one pair of collars and locking quick release pins to fit AAI® Single Bar Trainers Pins fit SBT models 407-450, 407-625 and 407-639 Item Numbers 407-360 - Quick Release Conversion Kit - wt. 9 lbs...

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  • Spin Lock


    Spin Lock

    Product Overview Precision machined and knurled chrome-plated finish Item Numbers 19359 - Spin Lock - wt. 1 lb. (.5kg) 19155 - Spin Lock - Longer Handle

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  • Snap Lock


    Snap Lock

    Product Overview Precision machined and chrome-plated finish Item Numbers 19189 - Snap Lock - wt. 1 lb. (.5kg) 48563 - Snap Lock - (used for UTB adjustment link) wt. 1 lb. (.5kg)

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