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AAI has taken the best features of their top competition lines to provide the latest progression in gymnastics equipment. This line provides the most current upgrades in performance, adjustment and stability... Blend it all together and the evolution continues with… EVO-Elite™!


  • Chalk Cleaner Chalk Cleaner

    Chalk Cleaner

    Product Overview UNITED ATHLETIC INTERNATIONAL’S Chalk Cleaner Spray makes it easy to remove chalk from gym mats, vault tables, and balance beams. General Use Directions: Easy as 1, 2, 3.... 1: Shake product 2: Fill sprayer with recommended amount...

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  • EVO®-Elite High Bar EVO®-Elite High Bar

    EVO®-Elite High Bar

    Product Overview This High Bar will lead the industry with its 3 points of adjustments, for a simple change between athletes. It utilizes the same multi-directional collar providing maximum flex for top performance. Description Stiffer wall uprights...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Paralle Bars EVO-ELITE™ Paralle Bars

    EVO-ELITE™ Paralle Bars

    Product Overview AAI EVO-ELITE™ Parallel Bars have reinforced tiered uprights that provide a stable support when swinging from any position. With a wider range of adjustments athletes are able to complete their skills with confidence, and feel more solid...

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  • EVO®-Elite Ring Tower EVO®-Elite Ring Tower


    EVO®-Elite Ring Tower

    Product Overview The EVO®-Elite Rings have a 40% lighter frame that allows for an easy set-up, yet provides the solid performance athletes need. Description Reflex spring-loaded swivel assembly helps reduce the impact on the gymnasts shoulders and...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Pommel Horse EVO-ELITE™ Pommel Horse

    EVO-ELITE™ Pommel Horse

    Overview Our EVO-ELITE™ Pommel Horse has a combination of top-grade leather and selected performance foam, to provide the best feel for athletes performance. Description Strong wood laminated pommels provide a reliable grip Flat top steel body design...

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  • Power ELITE™ Spring Deck Power ELITE™ Spring Deck


    Power ELITE™ Spring Deck

    Overview AAI's Power Elite™ Spring Deck is a multi-ply single layer floor that provides a strong, yet soft feel for the athletes. One athlete said, "My abilities have increased since tumbling on this floor. I feel more bounce and I am more confident in...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Balance Beam EVO-ELITE™ Balance Beam


    EVO-ELITE™ Balance Beam

    Overview The EVO-ELITE™ Balance Beam is equipped with a smooth gliding adjustment plate to ensure height adjustments are fluid for anyone. Athletes will also notice an increase in performance because of the beam's reflex technology. Description Unique...

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  • EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars


    EVO-ELITE™ Uneven Bars

    Product Overview Continually Evolving with the Athlete: Evo-Elite Product Description For taller athletes, the NEW high bar piston will reach an additional 10cm in height Swiveling tie-downs are easy to install and designed to transfer any loads...

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