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Tumbling & Trampoline

  • Landing Mat


    Landing Mat

    Description Landing mat is 7’ wide x 18” tall and comes in lengths of 14’, 16’ & 18’ Custom sizes available Colored top provides greater visibility upon landings Item Numbers 416-430:   Landing Mat - 7’ x 14’ x 18” (2m x 4.3m x 46cm)...

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  • Filler Block Filler Block

    Filler Block

    Product Overview Provides cushion and protection if an athlete overshoots while training new skills. Description Safety strap connects the trampoline frame, filler block & landing mat to eliminate separation Provides cushion & protection if an...

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  • Training Bar Training Bar

    Training Bar

    Product Overview Great way to engage the athlete’s core and arm strength. Can be attached at any location of the ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline simply by loosening the clamping knobs and moving to desired position. Description The Training Bar is user...

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  • ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline


    ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline

    Product Overview The ELITE™ Tumbling Trampoline is a training tool designed to improve strength and flexibility, aiding in the development of basic and advanced tumbling progressions. Description 13” (33cm) wide pads are made of dense foam 1 1/2”...

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  • PowerTrac Trac Bar

    PowerTrac Trac Bar

    Description Easily clamp the innovative training rail anywhere on the PowerTrac for training most any bar skill. Great for teaching hollow tap handstands for giants, blind changes, pirouettes, and even Tkatchevs. Two coaches can move the rail on,...

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  • PowerTrac Tumbling Trampoline PowerTrac Tumbling Trampoline

    PowerTrac Tumbling Trampoline

    Product Overview The most valuable training tool in the gym! Athletes can learn perfect technique on skills in a fraction of the normal training time. Multiple repetitions of tumbling and gymnastics skills are easy on the body. Train multiple forward...

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  • Booster Board

    Booster Board

    Product Overview Unites the functionality of a classical springboard with the dynamics, ease, and jumping fun-factor of a trampoline Suited for recreational, amateur and school sports, artistic gymnastics, indoor Parkour and Freerunning Extremely easy...

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