UAI Level 3 Vault System

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Level 3 Foam Mat Set

Level 3 Mat Set complies with specifications for new Level 3 Junior Olympics vaulting compulsories.  Three-piece system consists of a 5'x10'x32'' pit and two 5'x10'x8'' mats to provide the required 32'', 40'' and 48'' high landing surfaces.  Each of the top surfaces features a permanently attached strip of material 32'' from the front edge, eliminating the need for taping and measuring before competition.  8'' mats are secured to top pit using velcro fastener.  Because of its compact size, the 32'' pit filler is prime polyurethane ripple/lattice foam sections.  Cover material is tough 18 oz solid vinyl fabric (sides and bottom) with breather top. 8'' mats have mesh tops and forgiving polyurethane fillers for 
''Flatback'' landings.


level4vaultsystemShown is the Level 3 system with a 32" Pit and two 8" 5 x 10 striper mats.