Intl ELITE™ Ring Tower

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Product Overview

Sturdy construction and wood rings provide an excellent gripping surface, giving the athlete confidence through performance.

  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications
  • AAI's Ring Tower has the support and bounce that athletes need to perform at the highest level
  • The Ring Tower is sturdy with very little movement, which makes a difference when bigger more powerful athletes are swinging
  • Springs at the top of the tower help reduce the impact on athlete's shoulders and back
  • Minimum floor to ceiling height required for the tower is 20' 3" (617cm)
  • Can be used with the Freestanding Ring Adapter
  • Requires four anchors (not included)


Item Numbers

  • 407-378 - International ELITE™ Ring Tower (adjustable) - wt. 430 lbs. (195kg)
  • 407-478 - International ELITE™ Ring Tower (non-adjustable)  - wt. 360 lbs. (163kg) Call for pricing
  • 407-288 - Fixed Strap, Wood Spring-Loaded Adjustable Swivel Assembly (pair) wt. 16 lbs. (7kg) Call for pricing
  • 407-497- Fixed Strap, Wood Adjustable Assembly - pair (does not include spring loaded swivel) (pair) - wt. 16 lbs. (7kg) Call for pricing
  • 416-366 - ELITE™ Ring Tower Protective Pads (not included) - wt. 19lbs (9kg) Call for pricing