Ropes and Climbing



Climbing Ropes have always been 
one of the most popular and standard equipment request for overall improvement of physical fitness and muscle tone; particularly for upper arms and shoulders. Extremely popular training apparatus for strength, grip and arm coordination skills, in physical education, wrestling, gymnastics, etc. 

Teachers and kids can set goals and 
progress at each one's skill level. 
Mats, spotting and super-vision 
required when using climbing ropes.

We are proud to offer 3 outstanding choices 
for your program.

A - Manila Ropes – Traditional superior quality 3 strand 1 1/2” diameter pure “Grade A” manila rope complete with specially designed eye fitting ready for easy installation to your ceiling attachment. This natural fiber rope absorbs perspiration for the best grip and is extremely durable.

B - Polypro “Unmanila” Ropes – “Unmanila” ropes consist of a specially manufactured polypro material which looks and feels like natural fiber ropes with superior strength and 2/3 the weight. Texture on surface allows good grip. Particularly popular on elementary level.

C - “Polyplus” Ropes – New “polyplus” Climbing Ropes introduces an extremely soft 1 1/2” diameter rope material which has an extremely strong and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton or dacron.


Climbing Ropes can be ordered with your choice of a leather seat on a turk head knotted end, a polyboot end, or a whipped end.Ropes are stocked in 18’ standard lengths. Add additional foot charge for longer than 18’ ropes. Shorter ropes also available upon request.

Custom size ropes are non-returnable.




CN9 Climbing Nets are fabricated with the same quality materials and construction as the CN series nets but differs in that CN9 nets have 9” square mesh openings more suitable for smaller legs. Much easier for younger kids to climb, however, limits ability to go in and out of mesh openings which is a feature of the CN nets. Same instructions, care and use as the CN series. Mats, spotters and supervision required when using. FOR INDOOR USE ONLY.






Traditional Tug of War Ropes

Fun and exciting gross motor activity for all ages and sizes. Each end has firmly woven 5 foot circumference “anchorman” loop. Recommended for grade school level.



We import the finest 1” diameter pure grade A manila rope which meets and exceeds gov’t specs for quality and surface smoothness respectively. Sweat absorption ability and textured allow 
for best grip.

3/4” Diameter Spun Poly

 Tug of War Rope 
A new, extremely durable rope excellent for tug of war because of its soft “spun poly” surface and superior strength. Especially attractive to elementary age programs because 3/4” diameter is easier 
to grip. Loops each end.

Tug of War With Hand Loops

The same quality 3/4” spun poly tug of war as above. Features 6” hand loops every 2’ intervals allowing up to 14 students to participate. Hand loops allow a solid grip and eliminate rope slipping through hands. Anchorman hand loop on each team end. 2 sizes. 
25’ – 10 loops • 50’ – 14 loops




Ceiling Hardware For Climbing Ropes


A-2 Pipe Clamp Hanger
Steel pipe clamp bolts onto any 3 1/2” O.D. pipe via threaded bolts and lock washers. 
Does not include L-1 (link)

A-1 Wood Beam Hanger
Heavy duty steel L fitting bolts onto wood beam from side and bottom dimensions.does not include L-1 (link)
hardwareb L-1 Quick Link
1/2” zinc plated quick links for solid attachment from ceiling hardware to climbing rope. 
Use with A-1, A-2 or A-312

A-312 Adjustable Beam Clamp

Versatile all steel adjustable beam clamp complete with two 2-3/4” wide jaws and ½” threaded rod with self locking nuts. Fits beams with 3 ½” to 12” wide flange. 
Call for wider or thicker special flange requirements.
L-1 Quick Link not included.

hardwared CPF-1 Chain Attachment Sling
Install over open truss beam supports and provide an easy and economical rope hanger. Simply order the 3/8“ chain needed and add 3/8” zinc plated quick links to each end. Connect top loop to chain with top link and attach to climb rope with bottom connector. Trim excess chain if necessary. Also bridge any gap between top of rope and any other ceiling hanger.