Foam Borders


United Athletic's premium foam border

Our premium foam border consists of (20) 8' x 30" and (4) 30" x 30" - 18 oz. Prop 65, slopping foam, vinyl covered pads. Each pad is secured to the pad beside it by heavy duty Velcro securing the border tight against the wooden floor deck. Foam borders can be ordered in many custom colors and can be made to fit custom sized floors.



 Basic foam borders

For the budget minded, United Athletic International offers our 30" wide foam borders without vinyl. You get the same high quality foam just no vinyl cover. The Basic border consists of (20) 8' x 30" and (4) 30" x 30" sloping foam pads.

We also offer a one foot foam border that creates a flush drop off at the end of your floor. Great for floor systems that but up against walls or just don't have the required room for the larger boarder. The 1' Basic border consists of (20) 8' x 12" and (4) 12" x 12" squared foam blocks